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Swiss Green Hatch Chile Cheese Dog

Green chile and Swiss cheese hotdogs
Green chile and Swiss cheese hotdogs

Say that three times fast.

Here is a quick and easy recipe for New Mexican  chile dogs with Swiss Cheese instead of the usual Cheddar. I really like the combination of Swiss Cheese and green chile. It’s an pleasing pairing of flavors and rather mild since dairy products put a damper on the heat of any kind of chiles.

Here is what you’ll need..
1 4 oz can of chopped green Hatch chile.  Or use fresh New Mexican chili if you’ve got it.
1 package of hot dogs. I’m using turkey dogs to keep down the fat content.
1 package of hot dog buns. I use whole wheat for the grains and fiber.
Swiss Cheese slices. Real cheese please.
Table mustard, regular yellow or Dijon style (optional)
Zap the hot dogs in the microwave. Apply mustard to the inside of the buns if using,then add Swiss cheese forming a cradle for the dogs. Place the cooked hot dogs on the cheese and top with chopped Hatch green chile, about two tablespoons. Place in hot toaster oven or return to microwave long enough to melt cheese.

Remove and enjoy! This is an easy and quick way to make friends with New Mexico green chile.

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