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Anaheim Peppers

“So, what’s the difference between New Mexico green chile and the Anaheim peppers I see in the grocery store?” Good question.

Anaheim peppers are a direct descendant or cultivar of the New Mexico type pod. In fact all generally mild peppers with a long flat pointed pod type are cultivars of “New Mexico No. 9″ released in 1913 by a horticulturist named Dr. Fabian Garcia who was with the college now known as New Mexico State University.

Seeds from “New Mexico No. 9″ were taken to the Anaheim area of Southern California where they became widely cultivated.

Because of climate differences New Mexico chiles have one growing season per year but are grown pretty much year round in Anaheim with a wider distribution. That’s why you are more likely to see them in your local mega-mart.

However, it is those soil and climate differences that make New Mexico chiles better tasting and a little hotter. At least that is the opinion of New Mexico chile aficionados like me.

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  1. I am looking for a website that sells already roasted and peeled anaheim peppers for myself and my Mom know of any?

  2. Anaheim chilies are grown in both California and Mexico. The California season runs from May – November, and the Mexican season runs from November through August. While the shape is similar, the Anaheim and New Mexico hatch chili come from different seeds. The Hatch chili was originally developed by the University of New Mexico. Ralphs, Northgate, and Big Saver markets in Los Angeles all did New Mexico Hatch chili roastings this year. You could get a 30# sack roasted for around $30-$35. If you live in Southern California, it was a much better deal compared to some of the online suppliers.

  3. In the Texas, Central Market does Hatch chile roastings this time of year for about the same price you mentioned. I still have some in my freezer from last year.

  4. Ortega Roasted green chiles are Anaheim/Hatch Chiles. You can buy them at virtually any supermarket and they are amazing.

  5. Ortega fire roasted are probably the best choice.

    The seed for the Anaheim were originally from New Mexico and originally the same as the Hatch. Ortega traveled to new Mexico to bring the seeds back to California. But the chilis are quite different now, probably due to the climate and soil conditions. The Anaheim will provide about twice the meat per bushel and is much easier to clean, due to the thicker cell walls. There are minor differences in flavor, but I cannot distinguish, and I have been eating green chili at least once a week for the past 18 years.

    Green chili is a great crock pot dish.

    Green Chili
    Sauteed onions, garlic, mild sweet pepper
    a few bay leaves
    chicken stock
    browned diced pork

    Add salt to your desire.

    Some people add cumin and chili powder, but it makes the green chili muddy looking.

    Bring to temp on high, then cut down to low for a few hours.

    This can be eaten as a healthy soup, or you can strain and toss it onto a tortilla for a healthy burrito

  6. I live in Waianae, Hawaii, and I am looking for the peppers Anaheim or Hatch that could be used to make Chili Rellenos, that I could buy from a market in Waianae. Does any one know of a vendor or perhaps a farmer out here that sells them?

  7. You can’t compare Anaheim chilies to New Mexico chilies; they are a different breed. New Mexico chilies have a better flavor and more heat. In my experience and being a New Mexico native, ok I might be a little biased, but honestly, Anaheim chilies have the same flavor and heat as bell peppers.

    No offence.

  8. First, Fresh Anaheim Chiles out of the store haven’t been fire roasted and I believe it’s the chiles Ortega uses but then they roast theirs. Second, I wanted to compare Hatch Green Chile to Ortega Green Chiles both in cans. Hatch is more expensive about $6.99 per can(Albertsons) Ortega was $ 4.58 (Walmart) Walmart didn’t sell Hatch brand. Both say Whole Green Chiles. Hatch is Harvest Roasted while Ortega says Fire Roasted. All the measurements sodium, carbs, etc were almost identical. Both said Mild on the cans. Taste: Hatch easily won the taste test. It had a delicious taste the flavor popped out more and the roasted taste was more pronounced and it was a little hotter. Ortega was flat and tasted more like vinegar. Is it worth the $2.50 more? I say YES by far.

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